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Nutritional therapy is about finding the best possible diet and lifestyle that allows you to be as healthy as possible.

Nutritional therapists apply the Functional Medicine Model, which considers an individual's biochemical makeup, lifestyle and environment to develop a safe, effective and personalised plan to help you achieve optimum wellness or support your recovery from  poor health. 

Rather than looking at one are of concern  we look at how your body as a whole  is functioning to find the root cause of your issues and then look to promote balance in your body systems.

It does not mean you have to cut out all the foods you enjoy.  Instead you work with your nutritional therapist to find simple, practical and realistic changes that can become a way of life and bring your body back in balance, helping you achieve your health goals.  Recommendations made will be personalised to support your and your life.

Registered Nutritional Therapists are not able to diagnose but we can provide support alongside conventional medicine to help promote balance within your body systems. We will always highlight any signs or symptoms that we feel you should discuss with your doctor.

About nutritional therapy