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If you have tried  to lose weight, using exercise and dieting but seem unable to reach your goal it maybe that there is a biochemical imbalance in your body preventing you from achieving this.  

As part of the weight loss programme that we offer your will undergo a body composition analysis, which provides information on your BMI, visceral fat (fat around the organs), your muscle mass and your basal metabolic rate (the minimum level of energy that your body needs at rest to function effectively).

We will also look at how your body is functioning and consider any biochemical imbalances you may have.

Food intolerance's can often be behind the inability to lose weight.  Where this is suspected you will be offered a discounted food intolerance test.

The cost of the Weight Loss Programme is £120 this includes an initial 45 minute appointment and four follow up appointments of up to 30 minutes plus email support.

For an additional £40 you can meet with a personal trainer who will carry out a fitness test and devise a personalised exercise plan for you to follow together with email and phone support.

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