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Welcome to Nutritiously You providing individual nutritional therapy tailored to you and your life.

At Nutritiously You we believe passionately that the food you eat and the way you live can have dramatic effects on your health.  Food affects every cell in your body and can be the difference between feeling 'OK' and feeling 'amazing'.

With all the demands modern life places on us it is easy to feel below par a lot of the time, and for this to become the norm.  Nutritional Therapy can help you take control of your health enabling you realise just how well you can feel.

We do not believe in 'diets', 'reward foods' or other such terms.  You need to love what you are eating to be able to make lasting changes.  Our aim is to help you see the benefits food, nutrients and lifestyle choices can have on your health and empower you to make informed decisions.  You can then choose to eat often the foods that you love and know are helping you feel great; and just eat sometimes those that you love, but perhaps aren't all that beneficial to your health.

Rather than looking at one area of concern we look at how your body as a whole is functioning to find the root cause of your issues and then look to promote balance in your body systems. 

 We hope you find the support and help that you are looking for through our website but if you have any questions that you can find answers to please contact us at 07495 727358

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